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During World War 2, both the UK government, in the form of a computer called Colossus, and the US government in the form of ENIAC ( or the Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer) developed precursors of todays computers.

The invention of the transistor in 1947 gave these developments a great leap forward.

First, give thanks to ALMIGHTY GOD, THROUGH HIM ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Peta-Gay Lebrace and the Inn Chambers family, good advise plays an important role in my live.

Special thanks to the singers and musicians who made this album a reality. To the Elite System & D Box Studio crew, than you for allowing me to express my feelings. Serious", the road was long and rough but we made it through. To all song systems and radio announcers, your continued support is needed in this world of so much hatred.

Abstract: Recent studies of the Yupana’s (Inca abacus) mathematical structure have revealed an isomorphic relationship between the Yupana’s and the genetic code.

Based on detailed mathematical logic, this study promises to open new pathways for genetic research, genomic profile and medical progress.

I think at the time IBM predicted the world would only need 13 of them for planet Earth for all time!

The sort of computers ARPANET and the early research networks were dealing with were monsters with very little power by today's standards. Computers with the power of modern day pocket calculators occupied whole floors of buildings.The works are on display at the hedgefund’s offices in Manhattan. Erin’s photograph for the exhibition, titled “,” is a photograph of a stop sign at sunrise.

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