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27-Dec-2017 20:26

Within the past couple days or hours, something very strange has happened.

Maybe the Synthetic Plague the government was working on got unleashed. Maybe an alien space probe broadcast a weird signal at the Earth, or fell to Earth and brought radiation with it. Whatever the cause, the result is the same; the recently dead have risen, , to feed on the living.

Instead it can come from the reaction of the living humans involved, and how they respond to the state of fear and violent chaos brought about by the zombies. The breakdown of society, the fear that your Fire-Forged Friends could be infected and turned against you without warning, are at least as important to a zombie story as the zombies themselves, if not more so.

Common to virtually all Zombie Apocalypse tales is that, regardless of the reason zombies attack living/non-infected people, they never attack other zombies.

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