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Prince was an early adopter, it turns out, and the tech journalist and entrepreneur Anil Dash has been following him online from the very beginning.

I knew Anil would have a lot of insight to offer about Prince’s online life; what I didn’t expect, and was delighted to learn, is that he’s even traded a few AIM chats with the man himself. You’ve developed this real love of Prince that is so palpable, and I think of you almost as a historian of Prince’s relationship to technology and to his fans.

It's the knickknacks though, the quick fixes for design junkies, that have been flying off the shelves -- fillable vases you can collapse and store flat, credit-card-sized reading glasses that slide into a wallet, personalized stationery, Pantone-colored Seletti chairs, pocket art books -- all the aesthetic accoutrements desperately needed in design-deprived New Delhi. Naysayers can whinge about the reinforcement of trigger-happy, aggressive behavioural patterns. The desi obsession with bright and brilliant colors finds perfect expression in the paintball field at New Delhi's Select Citywalk Mall in Saket.

Teams compete on a field with large yellow plastic pods as barriers, something like a playpen for grown-ups.

Named for the lilting theme song from "Breakfast at Tiffany's," Moon River stays true to its lyrical roots.

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The rules of engagement are fairly obvious: hang on to the safety equipment, keep your aim level by staying sober, and don't shoot the referee, ever.A special bond exists between Prince fans online — especially those who have been congregating, sharing their love of the Purple One and interacting with the man himself through his decades of digital evolution, from AOL’s early chatrooms to the modern-day hum of Twitter.Much like Prince would gather his die-hard fans IRL at Paisley Park for last-minute, late-night dance parties, he spent the last 20-plus years finding the most cutting-edge ways to connect his art to his fans online.When Anil Dash was visiting the Twin Cities recently, we got together to chat about Prince’s secret computer nerd life and our shared grief. How would you describe your relationship to Prince and his music?

Find a transcript of many of the highlights of our chat below, and check out the Andrea Swensson: So I’m trying to think of the right way to introduce you because I know you through Twitter; we’ve developed a Twitter friendship and you are a huge Prince fan. Everybody has that story, if you’re my age, of being a kid and seeing these songs come out and change your life.

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