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Liscio is currently in the midst of filming season two, which premieres Sept. The show follows the antics of several makeup artists and hairstylists at the high-end salon.Liscio's storyline throughout the eight-episode first season focused on her relationship with hot-headed boyfriend Frankie.Viewers saw Liscio at Sunday dinners at Frankie's house, on a romantic weekend in Cape May, and expressing her wish for marriage and kids in confessional-style interviews.Full name: Gianelle Liscio Birthday: April 20, 1987 Hometown: Eastchester, N. Favorite drink: Cosmo Favorite restaurant: Ciao's in Eastchester Favorite vacation spot: The Bahamas Pets: Lulu, a Maltese, and Rocky, a black teacup Pomeranian Favorite place to shop in Jersey: Willowbrook Mall, Wayne Favorite movie: A Bronx Tale Although she says it was nerve-wracking at first, the Eastchester, N.WENNKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson met on the set of the popular Rupert Sanders making out like the plane was going down.

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Appeared at age 25 in the pilot episode for Living Dolls (1989), a spin-off of Who's the Boss? When the show was picked up, her character was rewritten and recast with 21 year-old Halle Berry.Sanders’ ten-year marriage to wife and model Liberty Ross was also a casualty of their extramarital affair.Ross filed for divorce at the top of this year and is seeking spousal support. We sat down and took this little independent script that was really kind of poorly written, and shaped it and ...

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It's hard to watch reality TV — from The Hills to Real Housewives — and not be put off by some of the men the reality show divas keep around.

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